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Consider your company's current protocol for accepting applications and resumes. Is it automated? If you do not have any software that will help you streamline your incoming data, and you do not want to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars investing in an overcomplicated human resource management information system, then Applicant Sorter is the solution.

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  • Do you have resumes scattered around your desk and can't keep track of them?
  • Do you receive too many resumes for some of your job openings?
  • Do you spend too much time reading unqualified resumes?
  • Do you have difficulty locating previously submitted resumes for new job openings?
  • Do you wish you had a more efficient way to communicate throughout the process with potential candidates?
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  • Allow applicants to log onto your website (or ours if you prefer) and apply for open job positions via web-based system
  • Efficiently communicate with candidates
  • Organize and store resumes based on job applied for, skill sets, etc.
  • Accept electronic signatures for online disclosure
  • Password-protected for internal security, which allows data access definable by user ID
Benefits apredarrow
  • Simple to use
  • Turns your website into an interactive, branded career center
  • Reduces cost and time per hire
  • Track resume and applications by location or campaign
  • Can save money in recruitment advertising
  • Cuts down on excess paperwork and unorganized files
  • Conduct background and reference checks automatically through built-in web connection with CSS Ease System

Applicant tracking made simple.

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