Product Overview
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Applicants log onto the Applicant Sorter system-either through the company website or www.ApplicantSorter.com - and view open positions. The applicant can apply for any open position that has been posted.

Applicants are prompted through the various forms required to submit their application. Questions can be customized for each hiring campaign or can reference our standard application template. There are several forms to complete in an application; the standard contains: personal, employment history, education, license/certifications if applicable, references and resume. After the applicant completes the necessary forms, the information is immediately available to the appropriate Applicant Sorter clients with a password protected user ID.

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When an ApplicantSorter client logs onto the system, they access the completed job application from any candidate who has applied through the system. Once clients view the applications, they can choose to do a number of things with the applicant information:

  • Sort and organize the applicant information
  • Send an email acknowledging receipt
  • Schedule an interview
  • Conduct a background or reference check through CSS Ease
  • Share the applicant information with other HR managers or in-house recruiters

As the applicant progresses through the interview process with a given company, notes and other pertinent information can be electronically added to the file for better organization. ApplicantSorter automates this process. Open job descriptions and requirements for each job and all entered and maintained by the user in the Administrative portion of the system. The user also maintains the valid values for specific fields that appear on the Application forms.

Applicant tracking made simple.

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