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Important information regarding changes to Applicant Sorter

The previously common practice of asking candidates about their criminal history on a job application has become less and less prevalent over the last few years.  Some companies, including major employers have pro-actively removed this question from applications. The main impetus for this practice is due to the proliferation of, so called,  "ban-the-box" laws that require that employers delay inquiring about past criminal history of an applicant until later in the on-boarding process.  Each law is unique depending on the jurisdiction and allow for inquiries at different points in the hiring process such as after the first interview or not until a conditional offer of employment.

Due to the ever-evolving legal landscape and the versatile use of our Applicant Sorter system, Corporate Screening has made the decision to remove the criminal history question from applications completed through Applicant Sorter. 

This change is effective 02/23/2016. 

If you have any questions regarding this change or would like more information regarding ban-the-box please contact your Account Representative.

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